Real Estate: The Future Looks Bright

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With all of the uncertainty out there regarding the fiscal cliff and the future of our economy, it seems that Real Estate, once a drag on growth, is now propelling the economy.

Below is a collection of recent articles that shed positive light on the future of the real estate market.

From CNN Money:

Home prices: Biggest rise in more than 2 years

From CNBC:

Builders Bump Up Thanks to Drop in Existing Home Supply


From Fiserv Case-Shiller Index:

After Six Years of Decline, U.S. Home Prices Find Their Footing


From USA Today:

By the numbers: Details on housing’s rebound


From KCM Blog:

Luxury Housing Market Beginning to Surge



Home Prices Are Increasing; Many U.S. Markets Now on Path Toward Sustainable Recovery


And the Wall Street Journal is publishing articles titled:

“Housing Market Propels Economy” & “‘Cliff’ Fails to Dent Home Improvement”



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